Why the Change?

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Change is not always bad. When you take something and build upon it, change is good.

When we bought DIY Photo Studio, we were informed that with the acquisition the gentleman maintaining the website was not going to be able to maintain it once we took over. As part of the purchase agreement, he was however, going to get the site back up and running so that we would be able to a means of taking care of your orders. At the same time, and while we fully got up and running we wanted to create a website that we could maintain ourselves. We wanted something that we were able to post updates, sales, or other such items that you, our customer, could be more informed about. Controlling the website and being able to update will hopefully make it more engaging for you, our customer. As we continue to grow we have a few ideas that we would like to do with our website, some of which will include featuring work by you. This will help you get a little more exposure as an artist, photographer, or designer. We love seeing the work that has come through already and would love to feature some of your work in the coming months.

The other reason we went the route we did, is that in the acquisition the data from the old server would not migrate to the new server. So if you had images uploaded before April 2021, like I did, those images are now gone. With the format we chose for a website, now you are in control of your own images. You only upload the ones you want to be printed and if we decide to change technology, or if technology makes us change, your images will not lost. There’s nothing more frustrating then losing something you worked so hard on.

We hope that you like the new format and the changes we have made, but if there is anything that you would like to see improved or changed we are willing to listen. Email us, call us, or leave us a comment! We want this to not only work for us, but for you as well. We strive everyday to be “Your One Stop Photo Printing Shop!”

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